Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Shower Essentials - Phytorelax Multi Vitamin

During my short visit to Cosmoprof this year, I chatted with a very charming Italian from Phytorelax Laboratories. He was trying to do two things. Take me out to dinner and sell me on how awesome their new multi vitamin lines were. One of these didn't go so well and I'll let decide which.

He gifted me the Nourishing Dry Body Oil (which is actually a spray), a wonderful concoction of some sort of watery serum and oil that smells like 1000 plus one oranges. It is enriched with Vitamin A, C and E, sans icky stuff and contains 98% natural ingredients. It has been my go to product after each and every shower. It easily absorbs and leaves my skin soft and scented.
Fun fact? The serum and oil divide so you have to shake it really well to blend them and create the mix!
Fun fact part II? First time I sprayed it on it was all over my bathroom floor (ceramic) and I nearly broke my neck trying to get out of the bathroom.
It retails for about 10€ here in Italy and you can find it in any drugstore but not at the supermarket. Y

I was so happy with this oil that I decided to buy the Multi-Use Vitamin Bath from the same line. I got it on sale for about 7€ (kaching!) and just love it. It boasts the same formulation of the oil, is super delicate and has the same incredible smell. 

If you're looking for something fresh yet nourishing for the summer, you should definitely give these a try!

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