Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I've hopped on the summer mascara trends bandwagon - YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture Review

After reading about it in every June issue of virtually every magazine, I went into Sephora practically demanding one of these. The new YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture promised longer, fuller lashes with added bonus of a lacquered effect.
I tried on the basic black which looked awesome but when I got my hands on this cobalt blue shade, which befittingly is called "I'm the trouble", I knew it was ti be mine.
I paid around 35€ cause I had a coupon, but the price is somewhere around there.
It says it's waterproof, or at least I remember the Sephora shopping assistant saying as much, but as I suspected, considering my long standing financial bond with YSL mascaras, it's not. So all you ready to put it on for summer and/or the beach, be warned!
It does indeed look incredible and gives a decent amount of volume.
In daylight, it will make people stare, that's just how gorgeous it looks, in the evening or indoors, people next to you will notice it, maybe even the odd waitress/fellow beauty blogger!
If you're ready to jump on the colored mascaras bandwagon this summer, I would definitely recommend this to you!

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister


  1. I don't know if I would wear colored mascaras, but they sure do look fun and daring to try out!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. I didn't think I'd like them either, but this one looks super cute without making me look childish, silly or clowny. Try it on for a day if you go by Sephora and see how it feels.