Thursday, June 9, 2016

Looking for glitter? Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil

With summer finally here, well sort of here, I'm ready to break put the SPF50 protection and the body glitter. In that order. A couple of years ago I had found the perfect summer product. A SPF30 lotion with glittery particles from L'Oreal. It was stupidly cheap, smelled divine and I was in love. What did L'Oreal do? They stopped producing it. (insert Mutley grumbling noise) If you do not know who Mutley is and what noises he made, you need to google this right now.

Last week I spent a good hour perusing Sephora and a plethora of other beauty shops on the hunt for body glitter that didn't look like something out of a cheap 90s chick flick.
And I found this Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil. And I'm in love again. 
It leaves my skin soft, wonderfully scented and subtly glittered. It's 35€ for 200ml of product but you only use literally a few drops for each body part. 
I'll be putting it to further test this weekend on my short trip to Sicily and let you know how it went.

Any thoughts or impressions? Have you already used this product?

Kiss and Peace
Glittery Miss Sinister

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  1. Oh, that looks so fun! I didn't realise glitter existed that wasn't 90s-esq, haha. Good to know that such things still exist :) I hope you love it!