Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer reading for techless millennials

I'm a millenial. I'm expected to be comfortable with technology, ambitious and strong-minded, highly democratic and addicted to Twitter and Instagram. I am supposed to enjoy all things organic, drive an electric car, be vegan or at least vegetarian, despise big labels and revel in the wonderfulness of tiny, up and coming weird and cooky designers.
I'm expected to listen to music that is inspirational, aspirational, a form of art and enjoy videos where everybody is either 
b)bouncing around like they're on some sort of illegal drug 
c) not singing but performing (insert me with a raised eyebrow) or 
d) all of the above.

I'm Oana. I'm a millenial and I suck at Twitter. Like really suck at it. 
I'm partially good with Instagram, and mainly only because my dad used to own a Laica and I started taking pics when I was 5. Instagram = photographs. Ergo I'm not that bad.
I'm fiercely private about so many things I sometimes think this blog is a sort of therapy for that.
I like organic stuff if I can grow them, but I won't go completely gaga over it because I am much to self-conscious to spend 8,50€ on an organic orange juice.
I am in complete awe of big labels like Dior or YSL (I will never for the love of God, understand why they chose to turn it into Saint Laurent - I can see Yves shake his head from Designer Heaven right now), and not because they cost a heck of a lot of money. I love the people behind them. People who were creative and innovative and loved the female figure, loved fabric, and colors and dressed women for cocktail hours and created clothes you could just travel in and nothing more. 
I love me some new creative designing by some fierce millennial, but I'm subjective. It needs to fit my New Look lifelong passion, my Armani obsession, my Schiaparelli fetish. 

That's why I get Imogen Tate, the 40 something heroine in "The Knockoff" which you can millennially download via Kindle or buy online, both through the lovely
I won't spoiler the story, but if you ever feel like your creative self is anything but tech savvy, then you should definitely read this book.
Absolutely adorable!


  1. Sold! Thank you for this recommendation. I'm from one of the in-betweener generations, tagging along behind the boomers and never feeling like I ever belonged to any sort of age group. Apart from Bowie people, that is, but there's no age qualification involved in that.

    So thank you. I'll buy The Knockoff this evening, after Match of the Day.

  2. Glad I could help. All bow to Bowie people right? ;)
    You'll love it. And get a bit murderous towards the end but I'll let you discover why on your own.
    Enjoy fellow in-betweener!