Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kid mood

Kid mood

Kid mood by greenvogueglam 

"- I'm feeling pretty kiddy today.
 - You, Miss Sinister, are not a kid. Since you do not belong to a milky white goat and I believe you were not born on some alpine pasture, you do not frolic and you do not butt and bite. You, if anything, are a child."

I was playing around on Polyvore when this very real conversation came back into my head from my high school days arguing (please read this as "having a slightly different opinion on English drama") with my English Literature Professor who never truly accepted that the English language had so successfully propagated itself onto foreign lands where it had wildly mutated into so many different variations. She was profoundly adamant to do something with my accent and with all things American that came out of my mouth, including my exaggerated use of "-ish" to create adverbs and adjectives.
A kid is a mini goat, the baby goat. So it would crack me up how every time I would say something she would make it her business to etymologically correct me and show me the exact nature of my wrongs.
She didn't used to call Miss Sinister, but she did call us Miss + Last Name. 
Oops. I did it again. Miss + Surname. 

Such fun my heart yet needs to find in the surrounding reality that succeeded high school.
Some kiddo inspiration today for all you kids out there!

Kiss and Peace
An Incorrigible Miss Sinister

P.S. She did manage to inspire a lifelong passion for etymology in me so apparently not all is lost with the quirky little American sounding Romanian.

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