Thursday, May 1, 2014

Open for business

Rattling my brains for the past few weeks with the quintessential question of: should I or shouldn't I?
I decide I should.
I have been overly outspoken and stubbornly opinionated for the best part of my life, becoming even more so when I started putting everything on paper. Actually no, not on paper, on screen.
Life for us all has become such a complicated mess of emotions, preconceived ideas, fear and expectations, pleasures and 32-hours long days, hobbies and fashion, being fit and eating green, crappy jobs and fabulous shoes.
All of them get concentrated into what we call life.
My life is wonderfully complicated by a boyfriend and a dog, a job and three chickens, not enough time to do everything but an ostinate desire to do everything anyway, a whole lot of pilates, at least 6 years of green cooking with an endless number of recipes to share, 2 years of planting and killing but also growing vegetables and a lifelong passion for fashion. The last has resulted in permanent damage to my brain and my wallet.

This place will look at fashion and food, sport and life. But it will undoubtedly talk about all of them from my own very subjective point of view.
So buck up strangers! We're going for a ride.

Kiss and Peace

Miss Sinister

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