Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Liquid Lipstick Review - YSL and Pupa Milano

Here to give some love to two special liquid lipsticks.
I am not one to jump on the proverbial bandwagon. But deep down, I've been wishing for an Anastasia Beverly Hills matte liquid lipstick like a kid wishes for new Playstation at Xmas.
Since I've now come to believe I live in a make-up wasteland, I can't buy one. There is no website that can ship it, the two I did find who will ship it to me are either 1. out of it or 2. terribly expensive.
No Anastasia Beverly Hills for now.


I decided to try some other matte liquid lipsticks.
Last autumn I picked up YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush. It's about 36€.
It was part of a #FridayFav5 some time ago but I thought I should give you some info.
It's both a liquid lipstick and a blush. It has that very distinct scent all YSL products have and I have to say I absolutely love it.
It's pretty easy to put because it has a nice little brush (it's shaped like a little heart), but if you want it to go one super precise, I suggest you try putting it on with a lip brush. 
It comes in a glass bottle.
I've got N°11 Prune Impertinente. It's the darker shade in the swatch. I think it's the best shade in the collection and looks phenomenal on pretty much all my friends.
It lasts about 3/4 hours depending on application, if you're eating, if you're kissing...the norm.
It also doesn't dry the lips, which is a major plus.

Second liquid lipstick is a really believable dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
It's I'm Matt from Pupa Milano.
12€ worth of matte liquid lipstick in the most perfect MYBB shade. Pinkish nude. Just right.
I've got N° 012 Rose Nude. 
It has a strange scent when you put it on, it's like they had an almond tree make love to a vanilla tree and then put their love child scent in this product. Weird. 
But it's a great product, both for the price and the quality. It doesn't fade, chip, move or any other creepy lip movement.
It has the best brush I've personally ever seen on a lip product. It allows for the most precise of applications. Hey, Dior, can you buy a Pupa and see what a great brush looks like?
It lasts for a good 4/5 hours, again depending what you're doing.
It unfortunately over dries the lips, but strangely enough I seem to mind it less and less each time I put it on. Maybe it has some sort of neurotransmitter meant to disable beauty blogger minds after a few uses.
It's obviously the lighter shade on the swatch.

Any experiences with these products to share?

Kiss and Peace
Miss Sinister

P.S. If Anastasia Beverly Hills were ever to read my blog,
I would greatly appreciate suggestions on how to get your stuff in my house. asap.


  1. Hahaha, the love child of an almond tree and a vanilla tree? Sounds very interesting, but also nice! Both lipsticks sound nice, actually! I feel like, with the Pupa Milano one, I would just overlook any drying tendencies it had, especially if I loved the colour! I can be stubborn when I spend money on things, I have to use them!


    1. I have to say I feel it less now than when I bought it and the drying is the same. I think it has an awesome price for the amount of product and the quality. I would def recommend it to any girl friend.
      I am beyond stubborn with using stuff I paid a deep of money on. Like wearing shoes a size to small type of stubborn.


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