Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sales season fury

Sales season fever. I get giddy and excited about sales season almost as much as I do about Christmas, just with less expenses, which makes it so much enjoyable.
After splurging on crop tops and barely-there cutoff shorts and floral prints on pretty dresses and gladiator sandals (which strangely enough are still fashionable), I am still surfing the fashionable side of the web for here and there finds.
And here I am on
Insert dull look with raised eyebrow. Now change to complete disbelief as I flip through several looks and suddenly understand that I have only two options on the face of this planet if I were to pick up on what so blatantly suggests with their freakin' website.
1. Loose 25 punds and turn anorexic.
2. Disappear. Leave their website alone for the really skinny people.

I am not overweight. I am on the side of athletic/slim. I practice pilates everyday, go swimming, trekking and enjoy cooking(and eating!). I am a US size 4, UK size 6, European size 38, Italian size 42. All numbers I have methodically learned through years of internet shopping. And sometimes I get really angry and frustrated with numbers and styles and fashion designers and brands. They must see the female population of this planet like a mass of inflatable dolls ready to inflate and deflate to perfectly adjust to their crazy clothes.

Soooo, Sofia Amoruso started this website some years ago and it has garnered her fame and fortune and a golden throne in the Olympus of online fashion shopping.
But, dear Sofia, you're not anorexic. You're a normal looking, healthy weight kinda girl.
So why, in Dior's name would you do this to us? Slap all those dangerously skinny models on your website for all of us to see and instantly become self-conscience?
Are you completely unaware that those girls don't buy your stuff? Normal girls buy your stuff. Normal girls have time and money to buy your stuff. Normal. Normal can be skinny, slim, athletic, curvy, even slightly over-weight. Not everybody can be healthy at size 0. I personally think only tweens can be healthy at size 0, but that's just me.

Now please sit behind your desk, say I'm fat and envious and don't get fashion, please ignore me and think you're the s**t. That's just fine with me.
I'm going to press that little X at the top of your tab and never ever look back.

Oh, congrats on the name. You really are a nasty gal.

Kiss and Peace
Nice gal
Miss Sinister

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